Karate snow training

Four Karateka from the club braved the elements today to train in the snow, as the YMCA had closed the clubs normal Dojo for the day!
The one and a half hour session took place in Pheasants Wood, where the groups dress sense came under close scrutiny from all the Karateka.

Thigh length boots were worn by one of the Karateka, which was most interesting, all though claimed as essential for training!
Sensei's Ron (IJKA 7th Dan) and Michelle (IJKA 4th Dan), took the two Kyu grades through various warm up exercises, which included breathing techniques and simple stretching.
This was closely followed by one step Kumite looking at Kihon to further warm up and to get into a good rhythm.

James Berry (IJKA 9th Kyu) concentrated on Heian Shodan with Sensei Ron, and his dad Kevin (IJKA 5th Kyu) concentrated on Heian Yondan and Tekki Shodan, the latter whilst balancing on a slippery log!!

The session was nicely finished off with a warm cup of coffee, from a flask laced with Rum!!!


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