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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Club announcement.....

Poulton Karate Academy Announcement 

Since leaving BWKC (IJKA) in 2015 the members of the Poulton Karate Academy have trained under the umbrella of the BCKA.

BCKA gave the club membership an opportunity to experience a new dimension in applied Karate and to expand their knowledge of the fundamentals of the martial art. This was seen as being complimentary to the continuation of our traditional roots.

As of April 2017 PKA has decided, reluctantly, to discontinue its affiliation to BCKA. There are several reasons for this decision none of which reflect badly on BCKA but which largely come down to the logistics of being part of an organisation which is not geographically easy to access.

PKA would like to thank Sensei Abernathy for his personal generosity towards PKA during our affiliation and wish him well for the future.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Sweat and exhaustion.....

Great session last night looking at Kumite with bag work and free sparring.
There were some very interesting points, for example one attacker was identified to use kicks only to attack their opponent and the other only using hands, however you could use either in your defence.

The two girls pictured above will taking their Shodan grading very soon, hence you will be able to see how they progress by keeping up to date here.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Erin and Annie success.......

Erin and Annie have have passed their 1st Kyu examination at Poulton Karate Adademy recently and both are now training hard for their 1st Dan black belt which I'm sure they will achieve.
Both girls have stuck with Karate which is a difficult discipline, where the majority take up the art but rarely reach this stage. Well done to you both for your regular attendance and commitment.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

World Class Karateka visits Poulton Le Fylde.......

Its no secret that Andre Bertel visited the UK recently on his European Karate Tour in which he visited Poulton Le Fylde for his England seminar.
Over the weekend of the 30th-31st of July 2016, Karateka from Europe attended the UK Seminar to glean High Grain Detail from Andre who trains with the finest from Japan in the JKA.
Not only did he provide two days of world class training, Andre also checked in at Poulton Karate Academy for two club sessions where local Karateka got even more personal training from him which was invaluable.
During his seminar, the training was orientated around basic techniques to look at minor detail to gain more from each and every technique from the Karatekas skill level.
This was very much a course aimed at high level Karate detail to enhance understanding and performance of true Budo Karate.
Friendships were also formed with visitors who socialised each evening sharing experiences over a meal and of course a few beverages.
Below are some images of the weekend and also of the club session with members of Poulton Karate Academy.
Andre Bertel has also posted reviews on his UK and European seminars which can be found at which are worth a read.

Kev Berry Poulton Karate Academy

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Sensei Michael Barr....

Michael has recently returned from Japan having personally trained with Andre Bertel.
Andre has posted an article about Michaels visit which can be seen by clicking the link below.

Click here....

Monday, 9 May 2016

‘Narrow and Deep’

Reflections from Japan  
Training  ‘Narrow and Deep’.

My day-to-day karate at home is focused on the practical application of Kata. 
Recently I have preferred to practice fewer Kata, to be ‘narrow and deep’, rather than ‘broad and shallow’ in my approach. There are just not enough hours in the day to give 26 plus kata the justice they deserve. I prefer an approach  of being able to perform a few kata to the best of my ability, which is not an easy route when including the relevant bag work, bunkai and oyo waza. My objective when visiting Andre Bertel in Japan was not only to work out a good plan for an unforgettable England course in July, but also to improve three of my favourite kata.
Sensei Andre’s advice was to ‘turbocharge’ my kata by returning to kihon to improve the foundations. This is ‘a secret’ of Andre Bertel’s own karate; analyse movements and paying attention to detail through simple combinations.  
The lessons I have had in Japan have therefore been much more than a mix of kata training - performance and application. The big surprise has been the immense value from breaking down my kihon and introducing ways of improving my movement and power. Then putting the new learning back into the kata and the kata application. 
As you get older, there is no getting away from the fact that you have to change the way you train. One big positive is that the training I took from Andre’s last England course has actually helped my karate to measurably improve. 
This visit to Japan has been beyond my expectations and adds to the possibility of achieving greater gains through thoughtful training back home.
The karate to be taught by Andre Sensei is the TRADITIONAL (BUDO) STYLE OF SHOTOKAN of JAPAN.  
"Those who sign up for the England 2016 seminar on 30th and 31st July will access authentic Karate-Do, although the seminar will be more technical than physical, so that everyone can participate and learn as much as possible".       

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Update from Michael Barr in Japan.............

The dojo was shared with other martial artists at the municipal dojo…and as Michael and Sensei Andre were last out of the dojo the rule is that they get to sweep it up to be ready and clean for the next users .

I have completed the first weekend of training with Sensei Andre Bertel. The sessions were technically demanding and highlighted aspects of the syllabus students will learn during the 2016 England Seminar. 

I am sure there has been very little of this type of teaching seen in Europe. The video is from a private session during Sensei Andre’s last visit to the UK which focussed on relaxation (moving away from the stiff hard karate that eventually wrecks your joints), compression and rotation.