Losing your senses.................

Okay, so training within a Dojo is pretty safe as its a controlled environment with plenty of space and generally a lovely smooth floor to glide over during training.
However, in reality and in self defence, we will never have an ideal environment to defend ourselves and in these circumstances the environment may not be ideal.
Lets throw in a further problem, during ones self defence, we may actually become injured,  and due to the environment we may not be able to use all of our senses effectively.
For example, your hearing may become impaired by loud music or street traffic. You may even catch an injury to you eye, thus causing a further loss.

'Losing your senses' training using 'Beer Goggles' and ear plugs to simulate potential injury and impaired hearing during self defence is what we do at PKA.
Impaired vision and hearing affect your ability to reassess a violent situation effectively and makes your judgement of timing and distance very difficult. Importantly as adrenaline increases, peripheral vision decreases too hence the sides of the safety glasses have been taped over to simulate the loss of spacial vision.
The only clear lens has a smear of Petroleum Jelly to give a clouded view, thus making it much worse.
Not many clubs do this but PKA combines this with bag work and self defence sessions. 

It has a fun factor too at training, however there is a serious side to this which many Karateka may miss out on.

Kev Berry


  1. Currently I'm taking classes of karate in my country. Well specially in karate for girls have more important than other's because it gives safety with different text and tenquies to the ladies in our culture.Anyhow, I read this post about senses it's a great experience to learn about this you have a certain athletic potential which impacts the outcome of a fight.


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