Senior Karateka.........

Recently the club has invested a lot of its time in getting Erin and Annie through their Shodan grading which has been a great success for them and also PKA.
As this was the priority, the club is now concentrating on the needs of its senior grades and also Jade who also needs to focus towards Shodan too.

So, in the past few weeks the training has been focused on strong basics to promote good core strength, flexibility and brief meditation to keep the mind focused.

We see this as the back bone to our Karate at PKA. Without a healthy mind, the body simply would not follow so both require maintenance which is what we do here.

Good warm ups, strong basic stances which on occasions are lengthened to promote leg strength and stretching to loosen up those limbs, all of which lead towards a healthy future.

The images are of Karateka performing stances, which in my case is exaggerated to build on my leg strength and flexibility which we will be working on at PKA for a long time to come.

Kev Berry


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