Michael Barr meets and trains with Andre Bertel.........

 Whilst most of us from the club have been consuming roast Turkey and recovering from the coldest winter in decades, Sensei Mike Barr (IJKA 4th Dan) has been training with Andre Bertel during his holiday in New Zealand.
Michael has been in fairly regular contact whilst away, but what we can report is that he has trained on four occasions with Andre whilst there.
Two of the sessions were very physical, and the rest were technical, which were aimed at Michael's development in Asai Karate. 
Michael, whilst there, has been practicing a Kata called Seiryu, which Andre has posted on his latest Blog update. The video of Seiryu can can be seen on Youtube on Andre'spage.
Although the video only shows the Kata, it is believed that Michael has the full understanding of the Bunkai (application), to fully understand the techniques as taught by late Master Asai.
We look forward to Michael returning in the next few days to the UK and expect to benefit from his knowledge, having been trained by Andre Bertel, who is arguably one of the best Karateka in the world.
We also look forward to a more technical article on the Blog by Michael himself, on the experience he had with Karateka in New Zealand, which I believe will contain further video and Michaels unique analysis of this style.


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