The clubs next grading session is to take place on Thursday the 24th March 2011 at the YMCA dojo, Poulton Le Fylde.

Kato Shihan (IJKA World Chief Instructor) is likely to be running a course before hand for the club prior to examination and as previous, he is likely to be assisted by senior Karateka from the Whitchurch dojo.
As well as the various Kyu grades taking their respective examination, four Karateka will be assessed for their next Dan grades. 
We wish John, Lynda,Colin and Mike and all the Kyu grades all the very best for their grading night, which is set to start at 7.00pm.

On an interesting note, the above image shows the late Sensei Danny Ball (IJKA 4th Dan), 3rd from the right pictured at one of the clubs recent grading sessions.


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