IJKA Course and grading success........

On Thursday the 13th of October, Kato Kancho 9th Dan (IJKA Chief Instructor) conducted a course and grading at Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu.
Kato Kancho took the club and visiting Karateka through an intensive one hour course, which was followed by examination of the 8 Kyu Karateka taking their next grades.
Although the session lasted for a full two hours, all the Karateka were exhausted, but felt that they had benefitted from the course no matter what level and congratulations to those who successfully passed their next grade.
A de-brief with Kato Kancho took place afterwards at a local Chinese restaurant, where a small incident involving very spicey Chilli oil took place.......!
Take a look at the slideshow below for images of the course and the examination.



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