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It is sad to say that Antonio is leaving the club and moving to London to progress his career in the coming weeks.
Antonio has been training at the club on a very regular basis, where his develpoment in Karate has progressed very strongly for these reasons.
This comitment to the fighting art illustrates exactly the point of investment in time in the training, which will pay big rewards in your deveopment, which Antonio has achieved without doubt. To illustrate this further, "you only get back, what you put in".

Antonio (the house wives favourite), will be missed by the club, however I think that his sparring partner (Andy) will probably miss him the most. Both Antonio and Andy have demonstrated a very good standard of Karate to reach they level that they have attained, where they train very hard and feed from one another during sessions.

Antonio is not giving up the art, however he is currently looking at IJKA clubs in the London area, to carry his journey forward.
On a positive note, it is good to experience other clubs in order to progress your Karate further.
I am sure that Antonio will return to Blackpool and Wyre IJKA in the future, as his father (Pablo) is quicky approaching his 1st Dan grade, who I am sure will be very keen for his son to return.

We all wish Antonio the very best for the future.
Back row from the left: Naz, Pablo, Antonio, Andy, John and Kevin.
Front row from the left Kev, Erin and Michelle

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