2012 is here, happy new year......

Have you thought about your training or development in Karate during the next twelve months?
Where will you be this time next year and what will you achieve.  You may satisifed with good solid progress without grading if you are a senior grade, who may be looking to refine technique further, take a different mental or even spiritual view of yourself and your progression through life.
You could be one of the three brown belts who will be taking examination later this year to reach Shodan, who are working extremley hard to achieve this.
You may be one of three Shodan grades, who are still waiting and anticipating the acknowledgement from our world Chief Instructor, to see if they have sucessfully reached Nidan.
You could be one of the handful of white belts, who are desperately wanting a different coloured belt to wear this year, which is the first big hurdle which few achieve.
You may be reading this and thinking about what you are going to personally achieve in the next twelve months? However, it is you that only matters and it is only you that can make the difference between now and then.
Here's to the next twelve months.............!

The image is of Kev Berry, who trained with others on a number of occasions during the festive period to keep on with his progress into the New year.
This picture was taken by Sensei Mansfield with Sensei Bellwood supervising at Thornton Sports Centre, as the clubs Dojo had been closed for the Christmas period.

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