The Donald Henry Ball Rising Star Award

It has been one year since Sensei Danny Ball passed away after suffering from a short illness, where he continued to train very hard until he was unable to carry on.
Danny during this difficult time successfully achieved 4th Dan, which the club and his family are very very proud of, which we will never forget.
We all miss Danny at the club, who incidentally didn't pull any punches with his views, who told you exactly how he felt about things, which in my book is a good thing as you knew exactly where you stood.
He was also a very dedicated and talented Karateka who rarely missed a training session, even though he was nursing his wife through illness which demonstrates exactly what Danny was in terms of spirit for his art.

One year on and in memory of Danny, his family have presented to the club a lovely crystal trophy called "The Donald Henry Ball Rising Star Award".

This very fine and tasteful piece of glassware is aimed at the clubs Karateka of all levels and abilities, to serve as a reminder of achievement within Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu over the coming years, which can form the basis of Karatedo aspiration within the club.
Although, the finer details of how the Rising Star Award will be awarded, suggestions have all ready been made which are currently being considered.

 As this is still being discussed, the club welcomes ideas from Karateka as to how the decision will be made and what criteria will be needed to achieve the clubs ultimate ambition on reaching and achieving the Donald Henry Ball Rising Star Award.

The Donald Henry Ball "Rising Star Award"
In memory of Danny Ball IJKA 4th Dan

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