The Donald Henry Ball Rising Star Award...................

Tuesday the 6th of March 2012, saw the first presentation of the Donald Henry Ball Rising Star Award, which after very serious and difficult consideration by senior club Karateka, was awarded to Kevin Simpson 8th Kyu.
Kevin has been training at the club for almost 18 months now on a very regular basis, who has shown nothing but true grit and determination to achieve what he has today.
Kevin is not the youngest of Karateka at the club to start this very demanding discipline, however his success can only forge the point that age and ability, clearly illustrate that Karate can be for everyone to enjoy, which I am sure Kevin is.
There have been many that have passed through the dojo entrance, who decide that this lifestyle pursuit is too tough, who are never to be seen again. However Kevin is facing this challenge head on, which the club has embraced by giving him the first award of the Donald Henry Ball Rising Star Award.

Well done to you Kevin, you deserve it.

Pictured is Kevin receiving his award from Sensei Michelle Adamson IJKA 4th Dan- Photo courtesey of John Wills IJKA 2nd Dan

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