A night to remember................

Blackpool and Wyre Karateka of all levels enjoyed an evening out in Blackpool on Friday the 20th of April 2012, where the club enjoyed a great down to earth meal at the West Coast Rock Cafe.
As the venue is obviously inspired by the famous Hard Rock cafe, many of the Karateka chose the healthy option of burgers, with Chili, including those named after famous films, such as the King Kong Burger.
One or two opted for the glorious steaks and this was eventually finished off with the monstrous "Fudgezilla" desert, which came with 8 spoons to share it out, however Lynda stole most of the spoons!
After the meal, the ensemble of bloated Karateka enjoyed several hours in the Layton Raikes real ale house, which was a short walk away, where the up and coming Kyu grading and IJKA course was discussed whilst sampling the huge selection of cask ales on the bar.
The evening drew to a conclusion during the early hours of the following morning, which was deemed a success as everyone had really enjoyed the night out.
As there are very few oportunites during hard training sessions to socialise, this was the perfect recipe to bring Karateka together and get to know them that little bit better in a relaxing environment.

Pictured from the left is Naz, Michael, Michelle, Andy, Emma, John and Lynda. Photo by Kev.


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