Kyu Grade examination............

Thursday the 26th of April 2012 saw Mr Kato S. Kancho (IJKA 9th Dan) attend Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu at Poulton Le Fylde dojo, for a course and Kyu grade examination. 
The course started at 7.30pm which was started off with a thorough warm up by Sensei Milenna Galabova, which was followed by Sensei Michael Barr taking the course through a short Kihon based session on Choku Zuki.

As the course was aimed at all levels of Karateka, the Kihon was of benefit to all, including junior Kyu grades who have recently joined the club, who were facing their first examination.
Mr Kato then took the students further, as he concentrated on the benefits of applying one single Choku Zuki and the importance of impact power during the final application of the technique from a soft form, to gain speed and then power at the correct point of impact.
This was taken further by stepping sideways left and to the right, each time demonstrating correct form and impact power whilst punching Choku Zuki.
As the class continued through other aspects of Kihon, the session concluded for a short break before Kyu grade examination and Dan grades were taken through advanced Kata. 
The examination started with the clubs  junior white belts, who were tested on their knowledge of Kihon, kumite and Kata. Their spirit was noted as being excellent and considering that most were relatively new to the art, they all put in a really good example of Karate spirit at their level.
From this point onwards, the remaining Kyu grades went through their examination , where the brown belts concluded their grading at 10pm that night, some two and half hours after the start of the course.

Erin, William and Jade managed the impossible by triple grading, which is almost unheard of, earning them each 10th Kyu.
Kevin and Kevin both graded well, where Mr Kato mentioned that they have positively progressed nicely.
Emma, being the lone yellow belt, successfully achieved 6th Kyu.
Andrew and Antonio both did very well, as expected and both moving onto 5th Kyu.
Teg’s established her position during the examination and earned 4th Kyu.
Kev gained 1st Kyu, with Naz gaining his 2nd Kyu and Daniel earning his 3rd Kyu grade.
As you can see, 12 Kyu grades have progressed along the Karate road really well, which puts the club in very good stead for the future.
And also not forgetting the Dan grades, who have shown them the correct way to success for many months..


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