Andre Bertel is coming to Blackpool........

It is true that Andre Bertel 6th Dan is coming from his native New Zealand to the Blackpool resort to deliver a world class course over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of November 2012.
Most of you will be aware of the calibre of Andre, who was the personal student of Master Asai 10th dan IJKA, who put his own unique style into Shotokan Karate, which Andre promotes to this day since the passing of his master.
This will be the first time that Andre will have have visited the U.K and it is ulikely that this will be repeated in years to come.
For those of you wanting to join Andre at this exclusive one of a kind course in the UK, you can book your reservation through Michael Barr IJKA 4th Dan, of Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu at the following email address.

Pictured here is Andre Bertel (front centre left) with Michael Barr (front centre right).

This is a very exciting time for the club and for Karate in the UK, for a master such as Andre Bertel to travel so far to our home dojo to promote Asai Karate, which has already seen interest from Karateka from all over Europe in attending this once in a lifetime course.

To avoid dissappointment, make sure that you book your place on the course with Sensei Barr.

If you dont already know about Andre Bertel, for example if you have just taken up the art, have a good look at his blog, which is updated almost daily with lots of information about Asai-ha Shotokan-Ryu Karate.


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