Kyu grade examination............

Tomorrow night will see a three hour session taking place, where the clubs Kyu grades will be put through their paces to attain their next belt.
The clubs Dan grades have been working hard with Kyu grades to get them up to standard for tomorrow's nights grading.
Sunday morning stretching sessions have seen an increase in attendance levels, where the first half of the session undertakes yoga based stretching, which is followed by the second half of Kata and associated Bunkai.
This is the jewel in the clubs crown if you ever wanted one to one tuition from very experienced club Karateka.
Pictured from left to right are the core of the clubs trainers: Ron Bellwood, Mich Adamson, Dave Mclaughlan and Lynda Mansfield, who are all very experienced IJKA Dan grades.

If you are taking examination tomorrow night, the session will take place from 7pm at the clubs Poulton based dojo, which will cost £10 on top of your normal session fee.
Also remember to bring your IJKA passport licence with you, so that it can be endorsed with your new grade if your are successful.

Sensei John with his daughter Annie, who will be taking her grading tomorrow evening

All the very best to the clubs Kyu grades for tomorrow night, where there will be a write up and some images/videos posted here shortly after the event.

Sensei's Dave and John taking Kevin Crichton through Kihon


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