Andre Bertel returns to New Zealand after UK visit..........

Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu with Andre Bertel

Shihan Andre Bertel has returned to his native New Zealand in the past few days after spending almost three weeks in the UK teaching Asai Shotokan Karate.
Whilst in the UK, Andre and his lovely wife Mizuho spent their spare time enjoying the sights that England has to offer, such as the Lake District National Park, London and Manchester which played host to the recent Olympic games. The couple also enjoyed numerous social evenings where delicious home made cuisine was washed down with moderate amounts of alcohol, where Michael and Nathalie Barr played host to the couple at their lovely Poulton home.
It has been a very busy time, however I am sure that Andre and Mizuho have taken fond memories of their visit to the UK back to their home in Christchurch, to share with their friends and family.
Everyone at Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu would like to thank Andre for the time that he and Mizuho spent with members of the club over the few weeks, which has forged an international relationship for the future.

Andre today has posted a video of the seminar on his blog, which can be accessed by clicking below:

Here is a short video clip of the club training with Andre.
If your browser will not allow you to watch it, you can view it in Youtube by clicking below:

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