IJKA grading review 19th February 2013

On Tuesday 19th February 2013, Kato Kancho held a training and grading course at B&WKC. The course was attended by more than of twenty club members, a large number of whom would take their grade on the night.

Initial instruction in Kumite techniques was followed by some Kata practice for all, before the grading candidates were 'quarantined' at one end of the room whilst Kato Kancho put them through their grading syllabus.

Those not taking a grade continued with Enpi under the instruction of Sensei Milena from the Whitchurch dojo. 

I have to confess that my attention was not entirely focused on my Kata instruction as I was keen to see how our grading candidates were performing. It's very hard to keep track on a separate group at one end of the dojo whist trying to perfect a high kata at the other. In the end I found myself relying on less tangible evidence than eyesight - I had to assess the 'feel' of the grading, listen to the footfalls, to the snap in the gi's and more than anything else - to the demonstration of kimae largely expressed through the use of the kiai at this novice level.............. 

Throughout the general training and continuing into the grading session it was particularly gratifying to hear our junior section applying kiai's at all the correct times and in the true spirit of a martial art -loud and focused ! 

The use of Kiai, the development and control of Kimae and the understanding of inner Chi are all a life’s work. But a great starting place is being comfortable to be loud and develop your Karate 'voice'. 

All in all the night was a great success. All Karate-ka demonstrated good martial spirit and all achieving their grades. 
Sensei Jon Will's IJKA Nidan




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