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The clubs senior grades are currently re-visiting advanced Kata and in particular the difficulties faced when perfecting Tekki Sandan, which means Fast Hands.

I have to admit that with Tekki Shodan, Tekki Nidan and Tekki Sandan, I have found all three to be the most difficult to master, unlike other Kata within the Shotokan Karate system.
Perhaps its the unique sideways movements in Kiba-dachi where there are numerous subtle differences in the techniques that are difficult to remember, well for me anyway.
With reference to Tekki Sandan, Knowing the Kata, then mastering the hand and arm techniques are often difficult enough even before you try it at speed with energy and commitment.
But one thing that is overly important, is that Karateka when performing this Kata at speed, should aim execute each sequence of moves with correctness and true form, otherwise the Kata has no meaning.
This is perhaps why I am slow in progressing with the Kata as I need to understand fully what each technique is and what the application is within the Kata, but I am also ensuring that I aim to finish each technique with correctness.
This may mean that a Karateka who understands the Kata and who executes is correctly, is very likely to finish behind a Kata that is performed in haste, which will have lost its meaning altogether.
This is where Kihon, Kata and Kumite all unite together, as without either element playing their crucial part, their Karate is lost.
For those wanting to look at the opening techniques of Tekki Sandan, Sensei Mich Adamson IJKA 4th Dan is featured in a small video clip which looks in detail at correct form.
She then performs it at speed and that same clip is slowed down to illustrate exactly that form should never be compromised for speed.
Have a look and see what you think?

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Kev Berry


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