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2013 has been a great year for Karateka at Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu, however the year has also seen the club face difficult challenges for the second year running in finding a permanent dojo.
However and under the fantastic leadership of Sensei Ron Bellwood IJKA 7th Dan, the club is looking forward to 2014 and hopefully permanent facilities for the club to train in.
The previous post related to a permanent move on Thursdays to a new venue, which will secure the club firmly once again within Poulton Le Fylde, which is a central base for Karateka from the Fylde Coast.

L/R sensei Kev Berry, Lynda Manfield and Mich Adamason
Back row Pablo Martin 1st Kyu and Andrew Threlfall 1st Kyu.
 This year has seen grit and determination from all grades who have undertaken examination under our Chief Instructor Shihan Kato IJKA 9th Dan, where Kyu grades have gained their next level.
We now have several good 1st Kyu grades, such as Naz, Pablo, Andrew and Antonio whom I am sure will take that next step on their journey to Shodan this next year.
Kev Berry during February of this year succeeded in attaining Shodan. Sensei Mich Adamson's mother, who is wheel chair bound attained her 9th Kyu.
This demonstrates clearly that Karate can be practised by anyone with determination and the self belief to succeed.
The clubs Rising Star award has also been presented to three club juniors in 2013 to Erin, Jade and Anastasia for their efforts in Karate.
Dorothy Adamson 9th Kyu

Besides training which is always tough, the club has had a fantastic year of social activities throughout 2013.
Earlier in the year the club enjoyed a visit to the Grand Theatre at Blackpool to watch the Shaolin Monks Kung-fu show and numerous meals have also been enjoyed by the club in restaurants in the area during 2013.
Does anyone remember the huge Karateka Snow Ball Fight in Poulton Le Fylde during late January on leaving the Mews Thai Restaurant?!!

And that brings us nicely up to date where advanced training on Sundays has been looking at Kata and the correct understanding of application in real environments, such as on the street.
The club have taken this to the limit in recent months, where Kata has been practiced thoroughly, application in correct form (Kihon) has been pushed and then taken one stage further to street use.
The below are just typical examples of how Kata application can be used to deal with the regular Street "Haymaker" from Heian Kata's such as Shodan, Nidan and Sandan in relaxed stances.

Relaxed 'Street' stance by Sensei Mich Adamson in dealing with a traditional street attack in the form of a Haymaker.
As the clubs facilities have been closed over the festive period, training has not stopped as Karateka put on their Gi's and trained once again in the cold of winter at the band stand at Stanley Park at Blackpool to continue with Kata application.
It was then off to the local Yacht club for a well deserved breakfast and a brew!!
Below is Sensei Jon Wills IJKA 2nd Dan defending himself against an attack from Sensei Kev Berry IJKA 1st Dan at Blackpool's Stanley Park.

The club are really looking forward to 2014 with a new dojo and wish all of our followers a great New Year. Ossu.


  1. Hi
    how does one join the club

  2. Hi Michael, sorry for the delay.
    Check out the training times on the 'About Me' section of the blog and come and have a look at what we do and see if it's for you?
    You will be able to meet all different ages and grades and get a good feel for it.


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