Keep training whatever it takes...

This mornings training at YMCA at Poulton le Fylde, saw Sensei's Chris Jones and John Slater join regular karateka at the clubs stretching session.
Sensei John has recently had two hip replacement operations and is still in his rehabilitation stage of his recovery, where light stretching was taken by Sensei Jon Wills. 
Light Kata (Wankan) with application was then taken by Sensei Michelle which was broken down into various part to study the key points and their meaning.
This was then moved into application utilising the use of a bag for impact training.

Shown above is Sensei Michelle attacking with Mae geri before the last Oi zuki attack as per the Kata.
The key point of the morning for me was Sensei John's commitment to himself to train at his own pace, but yet still have the drive and ambition to do this given his recent operations.


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