Grading success....

Blackpool & Wyre Karate Ryu

Grading - 14 August 2014 - By Andrew Threlfall

The grading, held by the Blackpool & Wyre Karate Ryu, on 14 August 2014, was among some of the best gradings I have seen. Firstly it has to be said that the training session, that took place before the grading, was a tough and demanding one, as they usually are, and I thought that the junior Karateka and those Karataka who are somewhat new to the club coped with it extremely well. They all proved themselves to be very capable of keeping up with not only the senior Karateka, but the senior Karateka of senior grade too. 

Sam, who has only been doing Karate for 3 months, has picked up the basics and techniques so quickly, she is proving herself to be more than capable. It will be interesting to watch her as she progresses through the grades, which I’m sure will not take her no time at all. 

Another stand out performance for me at the grading was William, who showed great determination to complete his grading. He also managed to keep up with the basics exercises and again showed determination to make sure they were all correct, which for me is the basis of Karate, once the basics are mastered the only thing a Karateka can do is progress. Well done William, you should be very pleased with your performance throughout the grading, you showed true Karate Spirit. 

I think the whole club should be very proud with its performance at the grading, as a lot of hard work and effort was put into it. The standard was extremely high and there was the spirit to match it, and with the standard and spirit of this club being what it is, I can say I am very proud to be apart of Blackpool & Wyre Karate Ryu. 


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