IJKA grading success at Blackpool and Wyre...

Last night saw a good turnout of Karateka from the club taking examination at St Johns church hall under the tough IJKA syllabus.
It was not without its problems though as Shihan Kato (world chief instructer) had informed on Tuesday that he had double booked and that the dojo on arrival for the examination was almost a building site as it was undergoing renovation.
None the less, this did not put off the event as Karateka undertook the two hour grading with Sensei's' Ron Bellwood and Paul Katowski from Whitchurch IJKA, who was standing in for Shihan Kato.
Paul Katowski Sensie delivered a brilliant course on Kihon and Kata illustrating effective turning between stances to make efficient use of distance and power.
I will certainly be looking at these technically advanced details to improve myself.
During this session, Kyu grades were taken to one side to go through their examination where Sensei Katowski quite rightly reminded karateka that they needed to deliver that killer instinct and only had one chance to succeed in the examination. 
Brown belts Mathew and Kevin took to the floor with Dan grades for Kumite who were exhausted.
This was prior to Bassai Dai kata which is difficult at the best of times.
However, it did not finish there as Kevin and Mathew undertook several minutes of freestyle kumite where Mathew was ahead at one stage having scored 3 points to Kevin's one.
Both Karateka were exhausted for the final round however both demonstrated a high level of fighting spirit which is what the examiners wanted to see, which was well and truly delivered.
Both Kevin and Mathew succeeded in their ambition and are now one step nearer to their black belts.
The presentation took place by Sensei Michelle Adamson who presented each successful Karateka with their certificates.
It was then over to the Mews Thai restaurant for a well deserved drink and a fine meal and also to reflect on the night.
Well done everyone that took part as with hard work and determination anything is achievable.....


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