Tekki SHODAN.......

A few weeks ago, the club posted a brief article on stances on the Blog.
At the same time we were getting really excited about the clubs new dojo where Sensei Jon Wills filmed Sensei's Dave and Myself performing Tekki SHODAN.

Since then, I've edited the short film and slowed the actual footage down to look at finer detail under close scrutiny and what it shows is quite amazing.
Most Karateka will perform a kata quickly and then perform it slowly, however when the normal kata is slowed down, it can show shortfalls where improvement can be made under Self Analysis.
I'm a great believer in using Tech to improve performance by debriefing techniques so that Karateka can develop.
Also and which is very interesting is that this Kata was performed cold as it was never rehearsed before hand, hence its interesting to watch from that angle.
Check out the video on YouTube

And also check out some great application from Iain Abernethay in relation to this kata by clicking below.

Have a great Christmas
Sensei Kev Berry 


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