World Class Karateka visits Poulton Le Fylde.......

Its no secret that Andre Bertel visited the UK recently on his European Karate Tour in which he visited Poulton Le Fylde for his England seminar.
Over the weekend of the 30th-31st of July 2016, Karateka from Europe attended the UK Seminar to glean High Grain Detail from Andre who trains with the finest from Japan in the JKA.
Not only did he provide two days of world class training, Andre also checked in at Poulton Karate Academy for two club sessions where local Karateka got even more personal training from him which was invaluable.
During his seminar, the training was orientated around basic techniques to look at minor detail to gain more from each and every technique from the Karatekas skill level.
This was very much a course aimed at high level Karate detail to enhance understanding and performance of true Budo Karate.
Friendships were also formed with visitors who socialised each evening sharing experiences over a meal and of course a few beverages.
Below are some images of the weekend and also of the club session with members of Poulton Karate Academy.
Andre Bertel has also posted reviews on his UK and European seminars which can be found at which are worth a read.

Kev Berry Poulton Karate Academy


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