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Poulton Karate Academy Announcement 

Since leaving BWKC (IJKA) in 2015 the members of the Poulton Karate Academy have trained under the umbrella of the BCKA.

BCKA gave the club membership an opportunity to experience a new dimension in applied Karate and to expand their knowledge of the fundamentals of the martial art. This was seen as being complimentary to the continuation of our traditional roots.

As of April 2017 PKA has decided, reluctantly, to discontinue its affiliation to BCKA. There are several reasons for this decision none of which reflect badly on BCKA but which largely come down to the logistics of being part of an organisation which is not geographically easy to access.

PKA would like to thank Sensei Abernathy for his personal generosity towards PKA during our affiliation and wish him well for the future.


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