Sensei Michael Barr......................

Michael Barr, who is one of the clubs trio of 4th Dan IJKA Karateka, is currently holidaying in New Zealand with his lovely wife Natalie. However and for the second year running, Michael has been able to train with Andre Bertel 6th dan, who was the personal student of Asai Tetsuhiko 10th dan.
Michael has attended one of Andre's seminars over the weekend in Christchurch, which are without doubt world class.
If you are serious about your Karate, it is worth making note of the unique style that Asai Shotokan Karate has to offer.
Without wanting to steal Michaels thunder when he returns, have a look at the photo and below links for further information on this very effective style.

Centre front row is Llyal Stone,with Andre Bertel to the left and Michael Barr to the right.

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