Karate is for everyone.................

Sensei's Ron and Lynda in mid interview at BBC Radio Lancashire

During May 2012, three of the clubs Karateka set of early in the morning and headed for BBC Radio Lancashires radio station offices, where Sensei Ron Bellwood was interviewed in relation to being an active  Karateka at 81 years of age.
The radio station had been running a feature of articles of people of a senior age, who are still at it within their interests, whilst most of the population have given up an active life for the sofa.

Kev and Lynda outside the entrance of the BBC having just finished the radio programme
In the past week alone, there has been numerous articles on national news about obesity and the new Super Obsesity which is becoming a major problem for the emergency services and the National Health system as a whole.
The key message within the Radio Stations articles, is that you can still be active in an pursuit at any age, where Sensei Ron Bellwoood stated "Karate is for everyone".
I have to admit, he is right, so if you are half the age of Ron and have an injury, the key here is to adapt your Karate around your limitation. As Ron says "There is always something that you can work on".

BBC Radio presenter Alison Butterworth

If anyone recalls Asai Sensei, which has since been carried on by Andre Bertel Sensei in New Zealand, Shotokan Karate even has a place for the disabled amongst us, where courses and training in the art has been focused at wheelchair users. Hence there really is no excuse for not doing something with your Karate.

Have a listen to this very interesting radio interview in the player below for an insight into what drives Sensei Ron Bellwood, to carry on his daily Karate routine at the age of 81, where others in society who are worryingly attracted to a short and unhealthy lifestyle.

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