Bank Holiday training times......

L/R - Kev Berry, Mich Adamson and Jon Will's

Its important to note that the dojo will be closed tomorrow night for training (2/5/2013) as the hall is being used for voting purposes for local elections.

This weekend's stretching session on Sunday morning is also cancelled as the YMCA hall is also closed for the Bank Holiday weekend.

But don't let that stop you training!

For example, the recent Easter Bank Holiday weekend saw three senior Karateka take to Stanley Park at Blackpool, where the emphasis of the session was based upon Kata.

Sensei's Mich, Jon and Kev went through Master Funakokoshi's favourite Kata (Kanku Dai), which he often used in demonstrations when promoting Karate in Japan.

Its a fairly long and complex Kata which is also known as "Kwanku" and orginates from Okinawa where the Kata is translated to mean "To look to the sky".

Although the training took place in the Band Stand, the Kata itself was admired by passers by who who seemed quite interested to know more about Karate, which in my mind is a good thing in terms of promoting our art.


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