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Most of the members of Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu will be aware of Sensei Kevin Bellwood's Shotokan Karate club, which is based in South Sudan, which has been featured in the current copy (Edition 115) of Shotokan Karate Magazine.
Kevin is the son of our clubs very own Chief Instructor Ron Bellwood, who is a former member of our club, who has been instrumental in rallying together club members old Gi's and belts, to be sent over to South Sudan for Kyu grades to train in.
It is a well known fact that the club in South Sudan has little in the way of facilities which we in the UK often take as granted.
They have no dojo and train outside and have little in the way of training equipment in order to follow the art in the Sudan; and that is why the club has been sending Karate Gi's and belts over to Kevin Bellwood Sensei.
Not only is the club at Blackpool and Wyre Karate Ryu involved, but other clubs and associations have been pursuing the cause.
Photo Courtesy of Shotokan Karate Magazine

Alsager Karate Club have also donated Gi's and belts via Sensei Mark Watts, who met up with Ron Bellwood recently to hand over a welcomed parcel to be sent over on their behalf to South Sudan.
It doesn't stop there as BlitzSport have also been very generous and donated to the cause and the club recently has successfully also gained affiliation to the IJKA under Shihan Kato 9th Dan.

These are great times for Sensei Kevin who is doing a brilliant job in delivering an activity in the South Sudan where the community have embraced his efforts by taking up this often difficult and very disciplined art, which is what Shotokan Karate is all about.

Kevin and Ron Bellwood wish to thank all those individuals and oranisations for donations to South Sudan Karate Club.

Shotokan Karate Magazine


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