Club grading 20th of February 2014

Club juniors during pre-examination training

The club was visited by the head instructor of the IJKA Shihan Kato 9th Dan, where Kyu grades undertook examination.

There was no doubt that the grading was tough as the standards of the IJKA are very high where Karateka were pushed to their limits.
What became apparent to individual Karateka facing examination is that Shihan Kato does not give away success.
Infact, reality set in quickly where some struggled to gain a successful grading, where Karate is often a test of ones will to succeed.

James Berry 4th Kyu

However, several Karateka did gain their next belt as Kato Shihan felt that they were at a standard to progress.
Wwhilst the examination took place, senior grades took to the floor and were guided through advanced Kata Kibaken Shodan by Sensei Mark Watts from Alsager.
After the session, Shihan Kato and Sensei Watts were thanked by senior grades at the club by a lovely meal at the Mews Thai Restaurant.

Thai banquet with Shihan Kato


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