Rising Star award has a new owner........

Sensei Dave awarding Sensei Kev with the Rising Star award

Thursday night witnessed the latest presentation of the Danny Ball Rising Star Award at the Blackpool & Wyre Karate Ryu
The award is presented to a club member in recognition of their contribution to the club.
The recipient this time was Sensei Kevin Berry, 1st Dan IJKA, Kev is recognised as the latest Dan grade at the club and for his tireless effort in support of the club's extra curricular activities.
Kev received his shodan from Kato Shihan during 2013.....the first new Dan grade at the club in several years !!
Kev always goes the extra mile organising club socials, scouring the Fylde for restaurant venues to feed and entertain us.
Kev has also become the clubs quartermaster, having found a sportswear supplier who can reproduce the club coat of arms on anything from a polo shirt to a zip up hoodie. Rumour has it that Kev sports a Mankini with the IJKA emblem festooned across the front...but only for very close friends ........
Well done Sensei Kev, well deserved..


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