New Black belts at PKA............

Last night saw a quality 1st Dan black belt grading take place at the clubs Dojo in what can only be described as soaring temperatures on the hottest day of the year so far.
Erin and Annie took to the floor over the following two hours, who were put through their paces and demonstrated good technique and spirit in the exhausting conditions.
Both girls were tired mentally and physically at the end of the examination where they learned of their success from Sensie's Dave and Michelle.
A detailed debrief took place on both girls performances where Sensei Dave concluded "You have both made our decisions very easy to make", illustrating the quality Karate presented on the evening.
To illustrate both girls and their commitment to Karate, both started at a very early age which has taken both approximately six to seven years of dedication to reach Shodan, which is commendable.
Most people who take up Karate generally give up which leaves but the very few who gain blackbelt, Very well dome to both Annie and Erin on their successes but more importantly they have gained skills for life.

The below are a few raw images of the grading taken from videos of the examination which show just how hard they both worked, hence in a world of the "perfect stance", this is how it really is when exhausted and under intense pressure.

Kev Berry


  1. This is inspirational for ladies specially for girls take karate classes and be safe for any disaster in their life i'm too much fan of this blog really high quality post there :)


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