Andre Bertel

Andre Bertel needs little in the way of introduction for the likes of senior grades amongst the club, however if you do not know about this Karateka, it is worth checking out his blog.
Andre studied Karate in Japan under Sensei, Asai Tetsuhiko (10th Dan), as his personal student for many years.
Since the passing of his master in 2006, Andre is keeping the spirit of his masters unique style alive by promoting Asai Karate-do on his blog, which he updates every few days.
Senior Karateka at the club have trained under Sensei Asai, who know exactly what this influence is and what benefits it offers our Karate at Poulton.
Andre has moved back to his native New Zealand in recent months and is back training and sharing his wealth of knowledge at Christchurch dojo.
As a point of interest, one of our senior Karateka will be flying over to New Zealand in the next month or two, to train with Andre Bertel, which will without doubt be an experience to remember.
Check out his blog and youtube videos by clicking on the links below.

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