Life beyond Poulton Dojo!!

Two members of the club (Ron Belwood and Mike Barr) visited Alsager Shotokan Club on 5th November 2010. This was a very advanced class, where the session included some testing combination's and an innovative way of practicing three Mae geri's by Sensei Dave. 
Sensei Mark instructed on the finer points of (Kata) Junro Sandan and from my informant, I understand that a critical debrief took place in the bar shortly afterwards!
Sensei Belwood mentioned recently, that there is Karate to be experienced outside of our Dojo, for every level, which is food for thought!
Pictured are ;-
Mark Watts, Dave Sanderson, John Fallows, Ron Bellwood, Dave Clews, George Cheshire, SteveCornes, Mike Barr, Paul Kotowski, Alan Stanley and Shirley McLellan.

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