You can practice your art almost anywhere...

Sensei Mike Barr (IJKA 4th Dan) proves that Karate can be practiced anywhere and at every available opportunity. Pictured here in Arran August 2010, it looks like Mike's Zenkutsu-dachi is pretty strong as he applies full power by squaring up his hips and straightening his back leg at the same time, to achieve a devastating reverse punch (Gyaku-tsuki). Not only that, but the sandstone monument looks to be winded!
But on a serious note, you can practice anywhere at any time that you have available. It could be stances or stretching as examples, whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil!!
Don’t forget the three K’s, which are Kihon (Basics, the fundamentals of the art), Kata (A set of pre-arranged techniques) and Kumite (sparring), which are the basis of your Karate.
Mike has also visited and trained in Cuba, so have a look at his youtube video on the link below for a look.


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